Pecan Tree List

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Pollen sheds prior to Stigma Receptivity.


Stigma receptive prior to pollen shedding.

Pecans are pollenated by wind therefore you must have a Protandrous(1) variety and a Protogynous(2) variety within a quarter mile radius. To learn more about pecans visit

 Varieties  Description  Compatibility
 Choctaw  High oil content, 60% kernel. Thin, large, and attractive hull. Well adapted papershell pecan.  (2) Protogynous
 Desirable  One of the larger pecans, bears early and is a heavy producer. Disease resistant papershell pecan.  (1) Protandrous
 Kiowa  Large and oblong nut. Takes 45-50 to make a pound. Bears heavy and early. Excellent quality papershell pecan.  (2) Protogynous
 Oconee  Large nut, 59% kernel. Diseas resistant papershell pecan.  (1) Protandrous
 Pawnee  Large nut, high kernel percentage, and early nut maturity. Also papershell.  (1) Protandrous