Fruit Tree List

Availability subject to change. Our stock is limited on certain varieties, please call ahead to ensure we have what you are looking for.

Chill Hours:

The total number of hours below 45°F during the dormant period, autumn leaf fall to spring bud break.You can visit to learn more about chill hours and to view the chill hours for the current 2017-2018 season.

Self Fertile:

If the tree you are interested in is listed as self-fertile you do not need a pollenizer however, it will yield heavier crops if you have several different varieties to pollenize with one-another.

Astringent persimmons:

Best picked and ripened for a few days until soft and nearly mushy before they are sweet enough to eat. They are more sweet and more juicy than non-astringents.

Non-astringent persimmons:

Can be eaten fresh off the tree and are crisp like an apple.

 Variety  Description  Chill  Self-fertile  Ripens


 Earligrande  Yellow cling. Firm, excellent flavor.  275  Yes  Mid to late-May
 Harvester  Large, yellow freestone. Resistant to bacterial leaf spot.  700  Yes  Late June
 John Fanick  Large yellow freestone, heavy producer.  475  Yes  Mid to late July
 June Gold  Large yellow cling.  650  Yes  Late May to early June
 La Feliciana  Large yellow freestone. Sweet tangy flavor.  550  Yes  Mid-June
 Mid-Pride  Best yellow freestone for warmer climates with exceptional flavor.  250  Yes  July
 Peachy Keen  Heavy fruit set at early age. Medium to large yellow flesh with red pit. Freestone.  150-200  Yes  Early July
 Sam Houston  Medium red skin, yellow flesh. mild flavor, freestone.  500  Yes  Mid to late June
 Tropiberta  Large yellow, possibly best flavored August ripening peach.  600  Yes  Early to mid August
 Tropic Zest Four  Yellow cling-stone, sweet and tangy flavor.  150  Yes  Early Summer
 Tex Prince  Large, firm, freestone.  550  Yes  late June
 Tex Royal  Large, red skin with yellow flesh. Freestone.  600  Yes  Early June
 White Delight #2  Firm, white flesh, and sweet flavor.  550  Yes  Mid June


 Beauty  Yellow flesh, red/yellow skin.  250  Yes  June
 Burgundy  Maroon colored skin, very sweet.  300  Yes  Late July to early August
 Green Gage  Greenish-yellow skin, very sweet, wide climate range.  300-400  Yes  July
 Methley  Deep Red plum with red flesh.  250  Yes  Early June
 Santa Rosa  Large Purple plum with amber flesh.  400  Yes  Mid June
 Southern Belle Plum  Red sweet jelly plum.  350  Yes  June


 Blenheim  Medium to large, pale orange flesh.  450  Yes  Late June to early July
 Gold Kist  Heavy bearing with good quality.  300  Yes  May-June
 Plumcot  Large, melon red skin, plum like flesh with apricot flavor.  300  Yes  Early June
 Royal  Medium to large, pale orange flesh. Sweet delicious flavor.  450  Yes  Late June to early July
 Spring Satin Plumcot  Apricot-plum cross. Dark red skin, sweet red flesh.  750  No  June


 20th Century  Crisp, sweet flavored Asian pear.  300-400  Yes  August
 Hosui  Crisp, Amazing sweet flavored Asian pear.  300-400  No  Early August
 Tennosui  Crisp, bell-shaped, and very productive Asian Pear. Shows resistance to fire blight.  150-450  Yes  Late July to early August
 Kieffer  Large, green-yellow skin blushed red.  400  Yes  October to November
 Moonglow  Large, light green flesh, soft flesh, Excellent pollenizer  500  No  August
 Perdue  Large fruit with green skin color. Resistant to fire blight.  300  Yes  Early August


 3-N-1 Mild Climate  Red Fuji, Gordon, Golden Dorsett, and Anna all grafted on same tree.  Under 450  Yes  June to September
 Anna  Green-yellow skin with red blush. Sweet, tart, and crisp.  300  Yes  Late June
 Dorsett  Medium to large, yellow orange-red skin.  250  No  Early July
 Ein-Shemer  Large fruit, golden color.  350  Yes  Mid June to early July
 Fuji  Medium size, red-green skin with firm, crunchy flesh.  400  No  September
 Granny Smith  Large size, bright green skin.  400  Yes  Mid August to mid October
 McIntosh  Vivid red brushed with bright green. Crisp flesh is exceptionally juicy and bright white in color.  900  Partly  August
 Pink Lady  Medium size, blushy pink skin, and sweet flavor.  450  No  Late October
 Yellow Delicious  Medium sized fruit, yellow skin, white flesh.  650  Yes  September


 Chocolate  Medium to small elongated. Orange skin with very sweet brown flesh. Non-astringent when ripe.  less than 200  Yes  Late October to early November
 Eureka  Flat, reddish, medium sized fruit. Astringent.  Less than 200  Yes  November
 Giant Fuyu  Very large, round to semi oblong, dark orange skin. Non-astringent.  Less than 200  Yes  November
 Hachiya  Large cone shaped, orange-red skin; good producer. Astringent.  Less than 200  Yes  November
 Saijo  Medium, elongated, yellow-orange fruit. Said to be best tasting. Astringent.  Less than 200  Yes  November
 Tani-Nashi  Orange, cone-shaped, sometimes seedless. Astringent.  Less than 200  Yes  October


 Arctic Star  Beautiful dark red, semi-freestone. Superb low-acid, sweet flavor.  550-650  Yes  Early June
 Surecrop  Large fruit, yellow skin and firm, juicy, white flesh.  500  Yes  September


 Brown Turkey  Medium to large, bell shaped. Purplish-brown skin with light strawberry flesh.  Less than 100  Yes  June
 Celeste  Small to medium. purplish-brown colored. Flesh white, shading to rose at center. Firm, juicy, sweetest of all.  Less than 100  Yes  July
 LSU Gold  Large golden fruit with a ruby blush. Flesh is light red to pink.  Less than 100  Yes  July
 LSU Purple  Glossy purple fruit, medium-sized with a mild flavor, and white flesh.  Less than 100  Yes  July through frost
 Magnolia  Great for canning and preserves. It’s medium to large fig has a bronzy yellow skin, amber colored flesh, and rich flavor.  Less than 100  Yes  July through August


 Jujube  1.5 inches long, round-plump. Can be picked early and will continue to rippen.  Less than 150  Yes  Fall
 Fruiting Mulberry  Fast-growing deciduous tree. Produces sweet blackberry-like fruits.  Not Applicable  Yes  Summer
 Chandler Walnut  Excellent quality nut. Nuts are oval and fairly smooth. Well sealed shell.  Not Applicable  Yes  Late September
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