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 Variety  Description  Chill Hours  Ripens
 Arapaho  considered the earliest producing thornless blackberry, producing firm, small-seeded berries. Self-fertile.  500  Early Summer
 Brazos  Heavy yields of large fruit typically first thorny variety to ripen.  300  Early Summer
 Kiowa  Largest fruit out of all varieties. Thorny variety.  200  Early Summer
 Ouachita  Thornless; heavy yields of firm berries.  300  Mid to late season
 Prime Ark 45  Thorny; better adapted to hotter climates.  300  Set fruit on primocanes: Aug-Sept
On 1-Year old floricanes: May-June
 Prime Ark Freedom  Thornless, large fruit, disease resistant.  300  Set fruit on primocanes: Aug.
On 1-Year old floricanes: Early Summer
 Prime Ark Traveler  Thornless, produces medium large berries, good yields, and has excellent plant health.  Estimated at 300  before Prime Ark 45


Blueberries prefer a highly acidic soil with a pH between 4.5 and 5.5. For more on information on blueberries visit

 Variety  Description  Chill Hours  Self-fertlile
 Tif blue  Small-medium berries, tart if not fully ripe.  650  Yes
 Woodard  Soft fruit, excellent quality.  350  No, use Premier as a pollenizer.
 Premier  Medium to large sized berries.  550  No, use Woodard as a pollenizer.


 Variety  Description
 Black Spanish  Great for juice, jelly or wine. It is a heavy producer that is resistant to Pierce Disease and mildew. Ripens August to September
 Blanc Du Bois  Developed by the University of Florida as a white table grape. Great for wine, juices, and jellies. Large clusters of white (light green) grapes. Resistant to Pierce‚Äôs disease. Ripens in July.
 Champanel  Great for the humid Southern climate. Very resistant to heat and drought with good Pierce disease resistance. Well adapted to any soil, including alkaline and black soils. Ripens early July.
 Carlos  Bronze colored juice grape. Produces lots of small, 1/2 inch fruit. Excellent for jelly and wines. Fruit is 16% sugar and ripens mid to late September.
 Cowart  Self-fertile, muscadine variey. Fruit is medium sized and has an excellent flavor. Ripens early season.
 Flame  Flame is a seedless table grape you can harvest between July and August. It Produces a light red, attractive, seedless, sweet and crisp berry.
 Himrod  Produces clusters of small, firm, crisp, sweet, greenish white seedless table grapes with excellent flavor. Ripens early in the season,
 Mars  A blue seedless table grape, takes the heat well. The most disease resistant seedless. Ripens in late July.
 Noble  Loose clusters change in color from a light green into deep purple when they begin ripening. The chemical extracts from the seed of this muscadine grape has great benefits to your health by strengthening your heart.


Raspberrys Prefer a rich soil with a pH of 6.5-6.8

 Variety  Description
 Caroline Raspberry  Very large and productive, has a rich, full, and intense raspberry flavor. Disease resistant, self-fertile, and will produce early Fall.
 Heritage Red Raspberry  An everbearing raspberry, known for its flavor and fruit size. It will produce two crops: one in July and the later September until frost. Self-fertile, with a moderate crop in July followed by a heavy crop from September until frost.
 Seascape Strawberry  Yield large and juicy berries with great flavor. One of the most productive and disease-resistant everbearing varieties. Ideal for growing in containers as well as in the ground.
 Goji Berry  Goji berries are very high in antioxidants. Known to be a superfood.
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