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Fall and Winter Hours:

Starting November 1st. Our hours will be changing to:

Fall Planting:

Fall is near and now is the time to start planting! Start by freshening up your garden with some soil conditioner, Dried molassas, or any other source of nutrients that will introduce more and or feed existing soil microbes. Once the soil is amended it's time to start planning! It's always good to plan out what you want to grow because certain things you may need to plant later than others, which in that case you will want to save enough space. After planning it out and purchasing your plants/seeds we recommend mixing an organic granular fertilizer for vegetables. Once you have planted your garden you can mulch around your plants with leaves or pinebark mulch to help retain moisture and then sit back and watch your garden Flourish!


What Veggies to plant:

· Beets · Broccoli · Brussel Sprouts · Cabbage · Carrots · Cauliflower · Swiss Chard · Collards · Garlic · Kale · Kohlrabi · Lettuce · Mustard · Onions · English, Snap, and Snow Peas · Radish · Shallots · Spinach · Turnips ·

Fall Tree and Shrub Planting:

Fall is one of the best times to plant trees and shrubs. Planting in the cool season will give your plants time to get established before the high temperatures hit in the summer.

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We are located at: 507 Hwy 95 North. Elgin Tx, 78621

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