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5 Reasons to Warm up
to Cool Vegetables

Be the first on your block with fresh, home grown vegetables.
Save cold, hard cash vs. supermarket prices.
Great way to extend the growing season
Fewer problems with insects and heat stress.
Great way to get kids outside gardening & eating their veggies!
Grow your plants from Scratch!
5 Reasons to Start
Seeds Indoors
• Save money - seeds are less
expensive than plants
• Choose from an almost
endless variety
• Enjoy vegetables earlier
• It is a fun project to do with
your kids!
• Greater satisfaction of
starting from seeds
Agave's, what can I say, except that I find myself drawn to these thorny "Wood Lily's". Pictured above is Agave Parryi. One of my favorite, but I have many favorites. Plant them in full sun or partial shade, most varieties will do well either way. Plant in well drained soil and let them survive on whatever rainfall we get. They will live longer on less irrigation, but they will also do fine on more water as long as the soil drains quickly. Most varieties are very cold hardy as well. See Agave Americana pictured below.
Come visit us at the nursery and find out more about these wonderful and hardy plants.
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